Our Philosophy

Joseph Mendelssohn (1770-1848) – Founder of Bankhaus Mendelssohn & Co.
The Firm’s partners share the tenets of our clients and appreciate the sacrifices they have made to nurture their business and accumulate wealth. We understand the risks undertaken to achieve their goals; they do not wish to replicate them in their portfolio. Losing years of toil in a few months of market turmoil is simply unacceptable. The credit crisis has likewise exposed the structural conflicts of interest that exist within many financial services organisations. Instead, we treat our business as a form of Trust for the benefit of future generations, much like our founding family in the 18th Century. Our relationships embrace the long-term rather than the next reporting period which allows us to be selective about the clients we work with.

Our philosophy is founded on the promotion of partnership with a conservative approach to our business and the management of investor assets. Our common culture also minimises internal dispute as we are cut from the same cloth. Having served on many investment committees we believe we have captured the discipline of money management without the baggage of bureaucracy that crushes innovation and decisive action. We prefer steady growth over the relentless pursuit of benchmarks and aim to preserve capital by limiting the downside in times of duress. While our style is thematic we encompass a broad range of techniques to remain flexible in the face of the unexpected.

We pride ourselves in backing words with action. Instead of allocating budgets for charitable donations we have instead made philanthropy a core feature of our Firm. This approach empowers the end-recipient with the knowledge and tools to achieve their potential. We maintain that finance can still be a force for good, in spite of witnessing some of the worst excesses in generations. Through such leadership we intend to demonstrate that finance and philanthropy can provide a positive feedback mechanism to spread prosperity.