Precious Metals Trading & Storage

Since the dawn of civilisation precious metals have played a substantial role as a store of wealth and universally accepted currency. Paper money and promissory notes without its backing have been and gone many times over. Gold in particular has provided protection for investors during periods of high inflation, debt crises and political turmoil, and so we recognise its role as an essential element within investors’ portfolios.

Besides having the ability to trade physical precious metals in a cost effective manner, we offer our clients the following advantages:

Location & Security: The physical, geographical and political aspects of the locations were we store clients’ metals provide for a highly secure location that is  well regulated and politically stable.

Ownership: There has been considerable concern in the gold and silver markets as to whether transactions are genuinely backed by equivalent sums of physical metal. With Oppenheim, your precious metals are specifically allocated to you and do not form part of a bank’s balance sheet in an ‘unallocated’ format, which is susceptible to credit risk.

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