Consolidated Reporting

Every financial institution provides portfolio valuation statements and reports to its clients. However, each one has its own format and categorisation of securities and products. This often results in reports that are either very simplistic or confusing to clients. Many valuation systems are likewise designed with little scope for communicating data into a user-friendly format.

At Oppenheim we have developed a proprietary multi-asset consolidated portfolio reporting system. We believe it is unparalleled in the industry. It communicates to our clients a commentary on the capital markets, our outlook for the coming period and changes in the portfolio. It also depicts in a clear and concise manner the portfolio’s valuation, allocation, specific asset class details, risk parameters, and performance with the use of charts as well as figures.

The statements and reports can be prepared for a single portfolio, a set of multiple portfolios (consolidated), for financial-only assets or for a combination of financial and non-financial assets (private equity, real estate, fine art, etc.). The latter is especially attractive to Trustees and Family Offices who must oversee a range of assets that are typically loaded and updated manually onto a spreadsheet; an inflexible and often error-prone method.

Our approach re-affirms our holistic view towards asset management. As well as managing portfolios with a specific remit, we also assist the client to allocate their wealth across a range of assets, both real and financial. We are able to see reporting through the eyes of a Family Office because this is where the partners were nurtured and is how we handle our personal funds.

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