Asset Management & Advisory

Our Asset Management and Investment Advisory unit provides bespoke management for both private and institutional portfolios across all asset classes, including physical precious metals. We utilize an ‘open architecture’ enabling us to deliver tailored solutions under one structure and framework, without any restrictions on the the products and securities available. Such independence allows us to be truly unbiased and eliminates traditional conflicts of interest. At Oppenheim, we are committed to identifying, creating and providing access to some of the most innovative investment ideas.

As a private client, you can turn to us as your trusted advisor to assist in building and managing your wealth with your overall objectives in mind. Many institutions rightly use model portfolios as a way of providing consistency and discipline across thousands of client accounts. Nevertheless, we believe an industrialised investment process discourages distinctive mandates and client restrictions. We see model portfolios as a template for managing money rather than a straightjacket from which deviation and special requests are discouraged. We encourage our clients to express their preferences or aversions to prove that we are genuinely different and can cater for special requests. This is the very essence of a boutique service offering.

As an institutional client, whether you are a small bank, insurance company, pension fund, government agency, or sovereign wealth fund, you can entrust Oppenheim as your independent strong partner who can help you navigate efficiently through today’s complex financial world. Through our Advisory Services, we advise our institutional clients on asset allocation and manager selection, design and structure of new products, as well as specialised needs such as commodity hedging. Through our Investment Management Services, our institutional clients can benefit from customised portfolios in all asset classes.

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