Research is an integral part of our firm. We employ independent analysis covering areas such as global macro, equity & fixed income markets, foreign exchange, commodities and precious metals. In addition, we perform systematic due diligence of third party money managers and funds which are often used in client portfolios.

Our market research is a combination of top-down and bottom-up fundamental, quantitative, and technical analysis. We aim to discern important information from the larger picture and isolate possible emerging trends or termination of others. Classification and evaluation of those trends are often transformed into asset allocation and investment decisions.

Our money manager and fund due diligence process is a systematic interview and review of investment managers. We maintain detailed information on numerous different investment management firms in our research database. From these 'initial managers', we utilise various quantitative and qualitative factors to filter down to a select subset that meets certain criteria and are potential candidates for our portfolios.

Last, as part of our 'open architecture' model and the belief that no single firm can excel in all areas, we extensively utilise third party research from both large banking institutions and dedicated research firms.

Access to research reports is only available to our clients. If you would like to obtain access to our research, please contact us.