About Us

The founding family has a long history in the financial industry dating back to the 18th century through the establishment of two illustrious private/merchant banks: Oppenheim & Sons and Bankhaus Mendelssohn & Co. We are proud of our heritage combining tradition with our experience in modern finance, in order to provide that personal touch, attention to detail and discretion that used to be the hallmark of the private banking pioneers.

Oppenheim today offers a wide range of global custody, asset management, financial advisory and corporate finance services to select families and institutions.

Our Mission

We strive to provide an outstanding quality of service by going back to our roots and recreating a unique investment boutique, for the sole benefit of our select clients. A common sense analysis approach coupled with attention to detail, market experience and global business network is crucial to successfully navigate modern financial markets. We marry tradition with modern techniques to provide a tailored solution for each client.

We pride ourselves in being truly independent, providing outstanding advice and service. In today's increasingly complex financial world we can help investors navigate efficiently through this complexity and achieve their financial goals.